7 Maryland Football Questions

9/17/2011 10:10:36 PM
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1. Is Kenny Tate being played at the wrong position (LB)? Seems like safety would be better.

2. Is Andre Monroe starting over AJ Francis?

3. Is Danny O'Brien the best QB at MD? Some of those throws today were awful under pressure.

4. Who was calling the plays in the first half?

5. Will Pete White or Pete Desouza ever start for the Terps?

6. Where is Caleb Porzel?

7. Is Kenny Tate NFL material?

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9/18/2011 11:16:04 AM Report Abuse

caleb didn't play last year, he went to a JC somewhere in the south last year, he has a couple offers

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your questions are terrible

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O'Brien's #2 and #3 receivers were gone due to suspension and thats why his timing was off

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kenny tate makes an impact at whatever position he played. he will be a stud in the nfl. danny obrien is the futre of md football and areguebly the best qb is the ACC. they played a good defense in Wvu with a good defense

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9/19/2011 8:07:28 AM Report Abuse

WVU beat Maryland at Maryland with 20 players from the DMV.  I understand they have a strong class entering this season and many of them are from the DMV.

The real question should be Maryland's recruiting process.  For those that do not know the process consists of the regional recruiter watching a kid play then watching a game film and approving. 

The film then is forwarded to the position coach who watches the film and he must approve.  Then the film is forwarded to Coach Edsall who must review the film and make the decision if an offer will be extended or not extended to a perspective recruit.

I wish Maryland well with this process but I believe this process will hurt the program when the prospect in question is a 4 or 5 star recruit.  The majority of assistant coaches/recruiters have the authority to offer a kid on the spot.

Big time programs are coming to the DMV and offering kids very early based on the talent they see on the field.  Stevie Wonder could see that Diggs, Wes Brown, Sean Moore, Eddie Goldman, and Sam Lebbie were going to be major D-1 players as 9th graders.

I would tend to believe the coaches who were on these kids’ early and built relationships with the player and parents have an upper hand when signing day rolls around.

When Alabama Assistant Coach Sal Sunseri observes a stud player he has the authority to verbally offer the kid on the spot.  When Florida State Assistant Coach Haggins observes an Eddie Goldman or Stephon Diggs he has the authority to offer that kid on the spot.

When Tennessee Assistant Coach Peter Sirmon observes a Jalen Tabor who is only a 10th grader at Friendship, he has the authority to verbally offer him.  In fact, Tennessee has a board for 2014 kids from the DMV that I have personally seen and Jalen Tabor is at the top of that board.  Does Maryland have their 2014 board up yet?  Have they offered this kid yet? I seriously doubt it.

The point is the landscape of college football recruiting is changing as I write this post.  You either change with the times or you get left behind.  Mr. Plank is not bank rolling that program as T. Boone Pickens did with Oklahoma State to see the talent in the DMV leave every year and return to Byrd and beat Maryland with that talent that was allowed to leave the DMV.


Another question that should be asked is why didn’t Maryland bring Bill McGregor on staff to recruit the WCAC and the DMV?  Did they even consider offering McGregor?  He loves football, his kids are grown and he is a Maryland guy.

There are other viable candidates out there such as the defensive line coach at Good Counsel Kevin McFadden to recruit the WCAC and the DMV?  The Annapolis Christian coach should have been considered to recruit the MIAA in Baltimore.

Has Edsall started building a relationship with Mike Anderson and his Spring Grass Roots Football League to identify future talent while they are in middle school? 

Look at Mike London’s last two recruiting classes and you will see the DMV well represented.  His staff is identifying kids early, pounding the pavement and building relationships with parents. Virginia is a young talented and athletic team now.

Why doesn’t Presbill of the Washington Post ask Edsall the tough questions and write a story on the Maryland recruiting process versus most other programs?

We have the talent in the DMV to put Maryland in a BCS Bowl game every year. Leave the Jersey boys in Jersey and recruit your own back yard and watch what happens.

Peace and love to all who love Maryland football!



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9/19/2011 11:18:46 AM Report Abuse

Good post on recruiting....Another quesiton, why does Maryland offer kids that have no interest from other BCS teams?

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Because you have kids like Megget who get over looked by these bcs schools every year but can be extreely productive college players

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Tate need to become more productive, he will be drafted, but if he continues at LB he will not be a first round pick.  Maryland bearly beat a  Miami team that lost several key players for that game.  Maryland might win 7 to 8 games this year.  Edsall needs to bring in his recruits to be a better team.  It will take a couple of years.

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Don't forget about academics --- bottom line is that many of the DMV kids we lose, who as you said often come back to haunt us, don't qualify academically for MD but do at places like WVU. It is definitely an issue and I know first hand from speaking with the MD staff that they would rather not recruit a kid who has very little chance of getting in, or staying academically eligible if he does get in. They are looking for a certain mold of kid, and unfotunately the fit isn't always there. This is not your fathers University of Maryland, meaning back in the day it was the "fall-back, if I can't get in anywhere else I guess I'll go there" school for local kids. Guess what, now its a damn good academic school.

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Schools who are strong academically tend to lag when it comes to athletics. Lets face it there just arent that many 5 and 4 star recruits who are 5 and 4 star in the classroom. Time on the field and in the weightroom Vs. time in the books and studying for test. Its a battle every athlete is faced with and it's VERY hard to balance both, because each deserves quality time if one is to excel in both.

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It can be done....

Stanford is top 10 in football - One of the best schools in the Nation

Duke is a top team in Bball - Another top tier academic school


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Tate is definitly NFL material!

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Carroll Pride: I think the Caleb Porzell kid was asked to leave UMD. Not sure if it was his grades or a result of disciplinary action.

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SV1980 I didn't say it couldn't be done. I know the Duke's and Standfords (who after Luck leaves might not be in good shape) are out there. I said those "good academice schools tend to lag in athletics" Nothing about it couldn't be done.

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UMD blows

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