UMD Renames Byrd Stadium

12/11/2015 5:50:58 PM
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UMD has renamed Byrd Stadium to "Maryland Stadium" due to a student petition and Byrd's racism while he was at Maryland.

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I find this to be total garbage on both fronts.  First, student petitions should go in the trash for stuff like this. The next thing we will have to do is rename the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. They owned slaves folks. Not pretty.  Get over it.  Where is it going to stop?

But in reality this is a total head fake for financial purposes.  UMD gets a big hug and kiss from the PC crowd in exchange for an agreement for there to be no student sit ins at Walley Loh's comfortable office (I think he's over $1M per year - who would want to risk that?).  Then, "Maryland Stadium" will without a doubt be renamed in the next 2-3 years in an agreement with a sponsor and Walley (and the "beloved" KA) gets credit for shoring up UMD finances.  Look, we all probably want the place to be UA Stadium - and it was going to happen at some point anyway.  But Walley gets the credit for being the great peacemaker while everybody bashes Byrd for being a man who wasnt a whole lot different than others of his time - and must have done some great things for the school.  

I am not even a huge UMD fan.  But you have to see this for what it is.  It's a way to get a stadium previously named in honor (read: free) replaced with one that is going to produce revenue.    

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It's all about the money, man

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Agreed. Which was really my point. The other stuff isn't for this forum.  History isn't always pretty.  

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you do realize there is a significant difference between people who owned slaves in the early part of the 1800's, 150 years later, were still attempting to disenfranchise and entire race by not allowing them into higher education right? this dude didn't own slaves, he just hated black people. i admit, neither is worthy of any sort of praise, but if you can't see the difference between men like jefferson and washington and men like byrd, then you should probably not be making any sort of comparisons. ever.

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Did he just tell black ppl to get "over it?!" Smh, no further comment 

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