Woodson/Eastern Fight (Video)

11/15/2017 10:18:13 PM
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Saw this on Twitter. Seems unfair to punish the Woodson players  for the Turkey Bowl and the Eastern players for the first game of next year, if they are even still on the team???

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The District of Columbia Public Schools announced that 18 football players from H.D. Woodson High School would be suspended from playing in the annual Turkey Bowl due to a fight over the weekend.

District officials said a fight broke out between players on H.D. Woodson High School and Eastern Senior High School during their game on Saturday and video of the brawl was posted to social media. H.D. Woodson High School went on to win the game 48-0.

The H.D. Woodson High School students identified in the video were to be suspended and football players will not be allowed to play in the Turkey Bowl against Ballou High School, according to district officials. The Turkey Bowl is slated to be played at Eastern Senior High School on Thanksgiving Day at 11 a.m.

The players have the right to appeal the suspension, which could allow them to play, according to district officials. H.D. Woodson High School said it has enough players to go ahead with the football game.

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Going to disagree. The punishment is appropriate IMO.  There are some great football coaches at HD but the blame lies at their feet. They have to be able to control their kids in this situation. This will hopefully teach players and coaches a lesson. I went to 3 HD games this year.....not including this one as I was not there.....and in all three games I saw HD players got into some form of an altercation with the other team. This was bound to boil over because it was not addressed during the season by the HD staff. They do a great job with the football side but dropped the ball here. 

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Those kids gotta be held accountable!  

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I agree but when it keeps happening it has to be an adult held responsible. Principal, AD, or coach. As the saying goes, either you are teaching it or allowing it but either way its on you

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No doubt about it!

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Agree with you guys. The way to hold everybody accountable is to do what they did....suspend players. 18 is a lot and depending on who those 18 are will tilt the scale heavily towards Ballou. Losses in championship games will cause everybody...players and coaches...to think twice next time. DCIAA needs to address this head on and I am glad they did. For example....It is a shame that handshake lines at the end of DCIAA games have to be monitored by police and security on the field. The coaches can't handle this? That's silly and it often looks like two prison teams have just finished playing with all the security on the field. DCIAA football gets a bad name because of stuff like this so it has to be dealt with head on. I know the game is emotional and can get chippy.....I get it. But HD gets chippy every game.   

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Agree, Think it sends the absolute wrong message if they're not held accountable. Can't imagine this happening in any league, anywhere where there wouldn't be suspensions. Think DC would be way out of line if they didn't uphold the suspensions. They are not singling out a specific team or because it's DC it would I hope be the same anywhere.

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