The Heights Basketball

1/4/2018 10:19:41 AM
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It's only gonna get uglier. 

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wow didn't they join the WCAC?  Such a small school, and other than a few niche sports it does not have a sports history

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They’re in the league but I don’t think the games count this year in the WCAC. 

I think NewDCJon could start for the heights...

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Well I do dominate the 50+ year olds at the pickup games at the local synagogue so....

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I was at the heights game. It's easy to say they can't compete in the WCAC for basketball, but all they need is 1-2 really good players. That won't hapeen in football mainly because they don't have a team, but they could compete in basketball one day. They remind me of St. Andrew's a little bit. 

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1/6/2018 8:22:29 PM Report Abuse

Hope those players names are Adrian Dantley Jr and Victor Olaidipo Jr? I think you need the other guys to also be good too or you still are gonna get wacked. It's just a very good league.

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