Anti-McNamara Bias on DCSF

8/23/2019 12:27:49 PM
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While I understand they have slim, if any, chance of winning the WCAC Capital Division, I fail to understand why they weren't at least included the poll on DCSF. Similar polls have inc. all conference members in the past. Why the change? Might Big Brother be holding some deep-seeded resentment against BMac? Might the DCSF admins be biased against them? Answers are needed. 

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Maybe it's because they're about to get slaughtered. 

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Or maybe they have a Mighty-Ducks esque run and shock the world Beltway (or should I say Big Brother????). 

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The real questions is.....have you tried our new chicken sandwich? 

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8/24/2019 9:45:39 AM Report Abuse

It's not a secret the Mustangs face a tough road.  Every team in the WCAC faces a tough road.

Best of luck to all teams in both divisions this year.  Bottom line is we're about to see some great football over the next few months!

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