Prep vs. Gonzaga

9/10/2019 6:49:57 AM
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I heard this will be the last game between the two schools for the Jesuit Gridiron Classic. Any truth to this? I understand why I guess. Two programs going in different directions. No knock on Prep, but Gonzaga is trying to keep up with the WCAC powers while Prep just needs to beat Landon every year. 

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I agree.  Prep should win this one hands down.  Saw Prep play last week.  They are just a better football team.  Good luck to both teams. 

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It is.  And it is absolutely the right thing to do.

Prep has an excellent football program for the level they are at.  But they are less than half the enrollment size of Gonzaga.  They have very stringent academic entrance requirements.  They seldom bring transfers in, usually sticking with each freshman class.  They do not recruit at the level that Gonzaga does.

Gonzaga has chosen and is committed to play at the national level.  Great for them.  But the philosophical difference between the programs warrants an end to series.  No reason for Prep to continue to schedule a game they have virtually no chance at winning.

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True.  They have had some great games in this rival.  But the playing field isn't level in many respects.  Never forget the year Prep beat DeMatha and shut everyone up when Prep was at the top of the Post rankings.  They have had their hayday too.  Will miss the rivalry since I started following it in the 70's.  

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Probably the right decision based off the past 5-10 years. Only 1 or 2 competitive games. 

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Last time it was competitive was 2016. Prep had a handful of extremely talented players (that Gonzaga recruited heavily) that almost single handedly pulled off the upset against a Gonzaga team that was so much bigger it was almost comical. 

Prep was winning the entire game. In the 4Q, their starting QB blew out his knee, without getting hit, on a first down run. His sophomore replacement was put into the game for his first snaps of the year. He was asked to make a wideout pass that was unnecessary and should not have been called. The resulting pick led to a loss that should have never happened. 

Since then, it hasn’t been competitive. Last year, Prep was 8-1. They played against very good competition at their level. Their only loss was a blowout to Gonzaga. I’m sure that sealed the deal on the momentum that was already occurring. 

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