DeMatha's win against St. Ignatius was impressive!

9/26/2019 5:11:47 PM
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Just wanted to give DeMatha props on their 42-0 win against St. Ignatius (Ranked 25 nationally at the time and 2nd in the state of OH).  They had a 35-0 lead at halftime?  Whaaaaat?  Great win.  I expected a nailbiter of a game.  Certainly not a total blowout against one of the top OH programs.  If they play like this every week...this season in the WCAC is gonna be veeeeery interesting to say the least.  

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I for one am just happy I was at the game to see it live. It is a story I will share with my grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

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Old Bill might be up for the job after all. 

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