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11/25/2019 10:28:34 AM
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First off -- congrats to Good Counsel and their 2019 championship. Impressive win.

As for SJC, what's the point of bringing in all these outside recruits and playing a "national schedule" if we can't even win our own conference? Might as well save the big games for the WCAC. 

Maybe I'm just old school, but I prefer when we won with home grown talent and not the latest and greatest shipment into DC. Who would want to send their kid to SJC these days just to have them benched their senior season for the flavor of the month.

Congrats to Good Counsel for doing it the right way. 

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Agree @sjc4life

First time I've ever agreed with someone from St. John's. Maybe they do teach a few things in those classrooms from time to time...

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1.) A lot of people are happy that St. John's hasn't dominated the league since Honolulu-gate. Congrats to Good Counsel. Many, many WCAC alums from different schools were rooting for you. 

2.) You can't win your own conference every year when the WCAC is as healthy as its ever been. Four different champions in the past four seasons. Four different finalists in the championship game the last two seasons. In the final two minutes of the last two championship games, there were 30 points scored and 4 lead changes. It could have easily been DeMatha and St. John's as champions the past two seasons instead of Gonzaga and Good Counsel. WCAC football is wild right now, and I love it. 


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The league is great. Better than ever. And there's enough talent locally to fill rosters. Keep the out of state players out of state!

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We got next

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I don't know about that. I'm hearing rumors that Ryken moving up is contingent on McNamara being willing to move down, which supposedly they aren't interested in. If that is true then it's a shame and defeats the purpose of splitting the conference. 

On another note, it's great to see Carroll football heading in the right direction. Congrats to them on a solid season.

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the rules of the conference is that the whichever school wins two straight titles in the metro division, moves up and lowest team in the capital division moves down...   McNamara best follow the rule and move on down...



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What I heard was that that was assumed, but never actually codified. 

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This is what it should be for 2020. 

WCAC Capital League

DeMatha, Good Counsel, Gonzaga, St. John's, St. Mary's Ryken

WCAC Metro League

Carroll, Ireton, Paul VI, O'Connell, McNamara 

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sounds about accurate...    since according to the rule, 'the team that wins the "Metro" division two years in a row will be elegible to move up to the Capital division and a team in the capital division will move to Metro division based on records in that span'

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The problem with that is, once SMR moves up and Mac move down, Mac will win two consecutive Metro championships also.  Then what happens?  SMR move back down and Mac move back up?  There has to be a better solution.  What about adding more competitive teams to the Metro division?  St. Frances?  Or some of these other schools (in the area) that plays independent schedules.  There has to be a better solution. 

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